There’s no denying that book awards matter. After my one client won several awards, two movie producers reached out to her about her Young Adult Sci-Fi Fantasy Fiction novel. I have another client who won the Los Angeles Book Festival award. Her award sparked a great deal of media interest and convinced a well-known agent to pitch her book to major publishing houses.

I can’t forget my most recent client who won a major award and heard from CNN who was interested in the book. Even though I’ve only shared a few examples, I have countless more. Over my years of experience as a book publicist, I’ve witnessed the media attention that my author clients receive after they win an award. The award gives them instant credibility and gives the producer or reporter the confidence they need to take the next steps.

My book Book Title Generator: A Proven System in Naming Your Book has also reaped the benefits of awards. The Pencraft Book Awards, Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards, Independent Author Network, and Literary Titan Book Award are just several examples of the nine awards it won. To simplify the process of applying for awards, I used Book Award Pro, which I highly recommend. Don’t hesitate to check them out:

Awards offer an effective way to spark interest in your book and open the doors to increased sales and additional opportunities. A book award may be the reason a reader chooses your book over others. It can help you stand out from the crowd and steer your book toward becoming a bestseller. An award may also give you the right to refer to yourself as an “award-winning author.”

While most awards will cost you to enter, the fees are often worth it for the potential benefits they may bring you. If you’re ready to apply for some book awards, these options should definitely be on your radar. Note that some links may be for the previous year due to availability when I wrote this.

  1. Based in the U.K., the Rubery Book Award is a renowned book award for independent and self-published books.The first prize is $1,500 and a reading by the top literary agent.
  2. An Indies Choice Book Award can place your book on the Indie Next List.
  3. The Scotiabank Giller Prize offers a $100,000 grand prize and $10K (CDN) to each finalist. Your book must be a first-edition, full-length novel or short story collection, written by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. They do not accept self-published books, meaning the publisher is required to enter.
  4. Specifically created for business books, the Axiom Business Book Awards give out gold, silver and bronze medals in 20 business categories.
  5. The Eric Hoffer Award for independent books offers a $2,500 grand prize and various category honors and press type distinctions. A book must be from an academic press, small press or self-published author to enter.
  6. USA Best Book Awards has recognized and promoted books to the national and international community for over 10 years. It’s sponsored by the American Book Fest, which has a focus on mainstream, independent, and self-published books.
  7. The Deadline for the Autumn House Press award is for poetry, fiction and nonfiction.
  8. Reader Views Annual Literary Awards praise writers who self-publish or who were published by small presses or independent publishers.
  9. You can’t go wrong by applying for the IndieFab Awards.
  10. The Page Turner Awards offer special opportunities for winning authors. Prizes include publishing deals, audiobook productions, writing mentorships, and attention from prominent publishers.
  11. Readers’ Favorite Awards recognize independent authors, small publishers, and publishing giants like HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster.
  12. The Hugo Award is a respected science fiction award.
  13. Chanticleer International Book Award offers $1,000 cash to the grand prizes winner. More than $30,000 cash and prizes awarded each year. Several of their winners have scored major publishing deals and two have had their works prepared for film.
  14. Romance Writer of America is for career-focused romance writers. It provides awards for published and unpublished romance fiction.
  15. Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards is an exciting award for e-books.
  16. Shelf Unbound Magazine’s Best Indie/Self-Published Book Competition recognizes more than 100 indie/self-published books with cash prizes and other perks.
  17. The International Book Awards (IBA) promotes authors and publishers who would like to jumpstart their careers. Those who win receive a public relations campaign and other promotional benefits.
  18. Recognized in over 55 countries, Mom’s Choice Awards® recognizes family-friendly media, products and services.
  19. Next Generation Indie Book Awards offer thousands of dollars in cash prizes. If you’re a finalist or winner, you’ll be promoted in the Next Generation Indie Book Catalog, which is distributed to thousands of book buyers and media agents.
  20. The National Indie Excellence Book Awards bases awards on overall excellence of presentation in many categories and is designed for indie and self-published authors.
  21. The Feathered Quill Book Awards is for publishers of any size and publicizes the winners.
  22. The Literary Classics Book Awards and Reviews recognizes authors and guides parents in finding the ideal literature for children and young adults.
  23. The Royal Dragonfly (all genres) and Purple Dragonfly (children’s books) Book Awards are esteemed national book contests that honor authors for excellence in writing and a Story Monsters Approved!
  24. Poets & Writers put together a useful list of writing contests, grants and awards.
  25. Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. These awards are for professional writers. Freelancers, and anyone who has a self-published book. You could win $8,000 or $1,000 depending on how you place.
  26. Book Excellence Awards distributes over $30,000 in grand prizes in media and marketing services. It can help you boost your sales and exposure.
  27. The Independent Author Network IAN Book of the Year Awards is an international contest for all authors in 35 fiction and non-fiction categories. If you win, you may collect a share of cash prizes exceeding $6,000.
  28. The Chautauqua Prize for authors offers $7,500 in cash prizes plus a fully-paid travel short summer residency. While full-length books of fiction and narrative/literary nonfiction qualify, self-published books do not.
  29. The Nautilus Book Award is designed for books that make a difference while inspiring others.

Book awards can make a positive difference in your career as an author. Let me know if you know of or hear of a book award I should explore. Best of luck!

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