It was the best investment I could have made to maximize exposure to my book

“What can I say about Westwind and Scott Lorenz? It was the best investment I could have made to maximize exposure to my book.

Scott connected me to bookstores, radio stations, magazines and saw to it that I got reviews that even made me want to read the book!

His focus was total to the point that I felt I was his only client. He’s that committed.

I would recommend him and his company to anyone who wants to fulfill their book’s destiny. You couldn’t do better.”

Jonathan Sanger
The Making of The Elephant Man, A Producer’s Memoir


Lorenz is the Guru of Publicizing, Promoting and Marketing Books

Just plug into Scott Lorenz’s rather astounding degree of knowledge about how to get books from the `just printed’ stage to the best seller status and those authors with the good fortune to work with him will shout his praises.

Lorenz has an eye for determining the way a book should go – promo wise – and he is probably more familiar with people in the network of promotional programs, people who review in many media (Internet sites, magazines, television, newspapers, etc), and those who offer advice or make the recommendations to the many various book awards offered in this country and abroad.

Scott Lorenz is an Expert, but in addition to being a font of information and a go to guy for newcomers in the writing field, he also has represented the success of publication publicity for all manner of writers – from fiction for both adults and children, to business, to health and fitness – name it, he’s done that. He is highly respected in his field, an award winner, a mentor, and a reliable promoter. If Scott Lorenz notifies a reviewer that there is a book to heed, you can bet he is right on track. Lorenz is THE BOOK PUBLICIST who’s serious about solid, honest and reliable book publicity!

Grady Harp
Amazon Top 50 Hall of Fame Reviewer

My book made it to #1 on Amazon within weeks of having Scott as my publicist

Scott Lorenz is everything you want as publicist for your book. Not only is he passionate about what he does, he’s well connected and can help you get the recognition you desire. He works tirelessly and endlessly and is worth every penny he charges. My book made it to #1 on Amazon within weeks of having Scott as my publicist. Look no further. He is THE publicist you should sign with today. I deeply respect Scott and highly recommend him and his services!

Cindy Clement
MS, CNS, CHHES, Adjunct Professor Eastern Michigan University,
Author of “Your Body’s Environmental Chemical Burden”

Alejandro Badia


Besides his good strategic counsel during our nine-month engagement he arranged interviews on dozens of radio shows and top healthcare and policy podcasts including Becker’s Healthcare Podcast. He placed my editorials in KEVIN MD and USA TODAY Magazine and CFO Magazine. In addition, Westwind produced and distributed a thought-provoking book trailer, created a very effective social media campaign all of which made my book a 12-time Amazon Bestseller

Scott Lorenz is VERY GOOD at promoting books. I highly recommend him.

Alejandro Badia
MD, FACS Co-Founder / Chief Medical Officer – OrthoNOW®
Author of Healthcare From The Trenches

Scott Lorenz put my book on the map with editorials, radio interviews and awards. Thank you!

Scott I am gratified by the outcome of the book and I know I would not have gotten there without you. I appreciate the fact that you put my book on the map, got the reviews on Amazon, and gave me a chance to discuss it in editorials like this, and on radio shows and broadcasts literally across the nation. Coupled with the three awards, I feel I got my due. So I thank you for your partnership.

Dr. Nate Link
Ailing Nation
Chief Medical Officer Bellevue Hospital NYC

Dr. Nate Link

No one gets better or more powerful results in a shorter time than Scott Lorenz of Westwind Book Marketing

I am proud to say that I have a book on eight Amazon bestseller lists and more than 2000 reviews and it’s still growing in popularity. One obvious and important thing that all writers must know is this: It is one thing to have a very good book. It is something else for the world to know about it, like it and want to buy it.

No one gets better or more powerful results in a shorter time than Scott Lorenz of Westwind Book Marketing. He knows the industry inside and out. He and his very professional team know what works, what doesn’t and what to be wary of. He has experts available in various fields to solve the inevitable problems that always come up. He and they are very good about avoiding pitfalls, engaging the public and getting the book, in all its glory on the top of the best seller lists.

He’s a master in the use of Twitter and other social media communications. He put together a professional book trailer and press kit and lined up dozens of radio and podcast interviews. He’s kept this book selling and atop Amazon lists for more than one year.

I highly recommend Scott Lorenz and Westwind Book Marketing

Jared Knott
Tiny Blunders Big Disasters

He introduced me to Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks on Shark Tank and we made a deal.

Scott did a great job in lining up interviews promoting my Horse Races Now app. He introduced me to Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks on Shark Tank and we made a deal.

Kenny McPeek
McPeek Racing- Trainer of the
2024 Kentucky Derby Winner ‘Mystik Dan’

Kenny McPeak Holding Kentucky Derby Trophy

Get Scott on Your Team Today!

“From getting me booked on WGN-TV in Chicago to George Noory’s ‘Coast to Coast’ show, Scott Lorenz proved to have more than enough arrows in his quiver. He continually demonstrated his book marketing expertise and created a terrific book trailer which will definitely get the attention of future readers. Get him on your team today! Highly recommended!”

Jay Margolis
New York Times Bestselling Author
The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case Closed
My Maril: Marilyn Monroe, Ronald Reagan, Hollywood, and Me

I was able to share my message that Diabetes is a war.

“Working with Westwind Book Marketing and Scott Lorenz meant having his help expose my book to thousands of people afflicted by Type 1 Diabetes offering them hope and guidance through my own personal journey. Most importantly I was able to share my message that Diabetes is a war, and you must HOPE to survive.

It was a pleasure working with Scott and his team and I highly recommend Scott Lorenz!”

Carl S. Armato
President and CEO
Novant Health
A Future With HOPE
An Inspiring Guide to Overcoming Diabetes


Scott’s experience, drive, connections and expertise are the key factors to getting from unknown to known in the competitive universe of book publishing

“In September 2019, I published my first book, “Bad Love Strikes” and hired Scott as my Publicist in October 2019. I was a first-time, unknown author coming out of the gates with my first book. Getting your name and work out there to be recognized as a new author is a totally daunting experience and undertaking. Scott arranged radio and TV interviews and sent my work to key book reviewers and book award contests. Then we strategized for me to write the screenplay to “Bad Love Strikes” while I continued to expand the Bad Love Book Series. Now in January 2022, Bad Love Strikes Screenplayhas won 14international awards and I have written three additional novels: “Bad Love Tigers,” “Bad Love Beyond” and “Bad Love Medicine”–all of which have been award winners and Amazon best sellers. Scott continues as my Publicist,and weare taking this winning combination to the next level with the screenplay to book #2, “Bad Love Tigers” and publishing book #5, “Bad Love Rising”in 2022. Scott’s experience, drive, connections and expertise are the key factors to getting from unknown to known in the competitive universe of book publishing.”

Kevin L. Schewe, MD, FACRO


“As a first-time author with zero name-recognition and little publishing industry experience, I had no idea how I was going to get the word out about my book. Then I discovered Scott Lorenz. Within a few weeks, it was everywhere online. People absolutely love the book trailer that he produced. Scott not only got some amazing reviews on Amazon, he also managed to place me on several radio and podcast interviews that have helped expand the reach of my book. He has a keen eye for the types of literary competitions that helped make The Boy From Boadua a multiple-award winner and a bestseller. I can say without hesitation that Scott Lorenz is one of the very best book publicists in the USA. I highly recommend him.”

Patrick Asare,
The Boy From Boadua

Patrick Asare


Child Prodigy Ethan Bortnick starred in a PBS Special “The Power of Music” telecast on 50 stations on PBS-TV. Westwind obtained dozens of interviews with Ethan on radio, TV and in print publications nationwide.

Then Scott Lorenz promoted the touring show as it traveled across the United States in a twenty-city tour. He scheduled countless interviews and in-studio appearances for both Ethan Bortnick and Damian McGinty of ‘Glee’ and Celtic Thunder fame doing a spectacular job.

Anmar Sarafa
Executive Producer
PBS Special “The Power of Music”

One thing Scott said that proved very true is, “you can get hold of me anytime, I will always take your call”

Westwind Book Marketing was instrumental in the success of the Glow of Paris. The work Scott Lorenz did led to the book receiving 20 five-star reviews on and being a #1 best seller in its category on Amazon more than six times during the first seven months. Always available to help with the challenges, Scott provided excellent direction and follow up. From radio interviews to social media coverage, to print coverage and press coverage, Scott created and handled all of it.

We got excellent results from his work, results that are still bearing fruit today, six years after we began working together. Years later I’ve hired him multiple times to work on publicity for an exhibition of my photographs at a museums across the USA.

It came down to a decision between a fairly good-sized New York PR firm and Westwind Communications. One thing Scott said that proved very true is, “you can get hold of me anytime, I will always take your call”. That was a deciding factor in my decision, and I am very happy with my decision.

Gary Zuercher
The GLOW of PARIS – The Bridges of Paris at Night


Scott has done a professional and masterful job

Scott, you have done a professional and masterful job.

Thank you, Scott, you are appreciated.

Murray Rosenthal
Exigent Earth

We have been able to track jumps in sales with those interviews

“Scott Lorenz has been instrumental in getting me radio interviews to talk about my books. We have been able to track jumps in sales with those interviews.”

Roger Higgins
Billy Gogan


Scott Lorenz is not a “One Size Fits All” Book Publicist

There are very few PR and marketing professionals that I would even consider recommending. Scott is someone that I put at the top of a very short list. The results tell the story. What I’ve found is that his is not a “one size fits all” approach. Every client has different needs and outcomes. He is laser-focused on what will get people there the fastest.

I have been happy to recommend Scott and his company and will continue doing so.

Jess Todtfeld
Former TV Producer for NBC, ABC and Fox-News.
President, Success In Media, Inc

Scott booked me on FOX & FRIENDS, Howard Stern, and Voice of America as well of dozens of media outlets.

Westwind Communications scheduled dozens of radio, TV, and print interviews for me during a very intense book signing tour across the United States. From international and national appearances on FOX & FRIENDS, Howard Stern, and Voice of America to dozens of local media outlets. Scott Lorenz was a pleasure to work with.

Gary Bowersox
The Gem Hunter, True Adventures of an American in Afghanistan


Scott is a strong and capable leader

Scott Lorenz possesses a great deal of creative and innovative marketing skill. I always enjoy working with him on various projects … he is a strong and capable leader.

Thomas S. Monaghan
Founder, Domino’s Pizza

Everyone from Lady Gaga to Beyoncé got RULE #1 DON’T BE #2

Daniel Milstein, CEO of Gold Star’s Family of Companies (Sports Management, Residential Lending, Book Publishing, Film Productions and Venture Capital. Gold Star has over 500 employees in 40 offices across the USA. Westwind Book Marketing has been an integral part of the publishing and promotion all four of his books: RULE #1 DON’T BE #2, The ABC of Sales and his second book 17 Cents and a Dream and Street Smart Selling. We’ve obtained dozens of interviews on radio, TV, magazines and newspapers around the country for his books. We managed an Amazon PR campaign where “17 Cents and a Dream” was downloaded 40,308 times!

Westwind arranged for his book to be inserted into 200 gift bags given to ALL participants at the GRAMMYS. Everyone from Lady Gaga to Beyoncé got RULE #1 DON’T BE #2.

Daniel Milstein
The ABC of Sales,
17 Cents and a Dream,
Street Smart Selling

Daniel Milstein
Tricia Stewart Shiu

Admirable Support and Superstar Book Marketing

Scott is a gem. Not only did he help me complete a successful Kickstarter Campaign and launch for IRON SHINTO, the third book in my YA SciFi Mystical Adventure Moa Series, he also created an amazing book launch campaign for PLEASE HOLD my New Adult Romance. To date, all books combined have won a total of 27 awards! IRON SHINTO won best YA novel and PLEASE HOLD won two awards before it was even published. His dedication to supporting me as an author as well as my books was admirable.

Tricia Stewart Shiu

THANK YOU for the most transformative and inspiring call I have had in years!

First and foremost ~ THANK YOU for the most transformative and inspiring call I have had in years! Your clarity, kindness insights and candor really catalyzed my process and streamlined my choices for the future! Your friendship and professional expertise means so much to me- and your generosity of time and talent. Thank you my friend! Thank you again for all you do-

In Joy
Mary Giuseffi
The Good, The Bad and the Fabulous!

Steven Macramalla

What can I say, I am gob smacked!

Thank you for these valuable links and knowledge. This is breadth and depth I have been looking for.

Thank you again for this rich advice and wise counsel.

Please have a great rest of your day! Cheers!

Steven Macramalla, Ph.D.
Psychology Department
San Jose State University

You are a true professional

I cannot express to you my gratitude in words for the speed and excellence of your work my friend!

You are a true professional.

Reg Hill


I appreciated your help and zeal for my book Scott

I appreciated your help and zeal for my book Scott. I really like your heart and enthusiasm for life. God has given you great gifts. Thanks for sharing them with Fiona and me.

John E. Quinlan Jr.
Tau Bada

He is the real deal!

Two years after our deal ended Scott Lorenz pitched my yoga DVD to Women’s World Magazine and landed a full-page article! He is the real deal!

Christine Martitz
Dive Into Yoga DVD


I appreciate everything you’ve done

Hey Scott just want to thank you for your awesome advice to secure an agent. I did exactly what you told me to do and now I have a book deal with a big five publisher. I owe it all to you. I appreciate everything you’ve done.

Jim Lindsay
SWERVE & Little Bastards and the soon to be published American Sniper

You are easy to work with Scott!

You are easy to work with Scott!

Bob Boylan
RETIREMENT Your Next Adventure


Scott masterfully tied my book into breaking news

“Scott kept my book ‘CUBA’ in the news delivering national hits in the Associated Press and Washington Post Syndicate. He masterfully tied my book into breaking news about Fidel Castro’s changing health and announcements resulting in dozens of interviews across North America.”

Jack Kenny
Author, CUBA

Scott Lorenz is an expert on book sales

There’s no denying that Scott Lorenz is a brilliant and inventive person. All of his creations including Westwind Communications and have been successful. Lorenz knows book marketing like few others… it’s in his blood. Many in the publishing industry turn to him as their publicist.

We recommend [his book] “Book Title Generator” to all authors and aspiring authors as it can help you learn how to craft a strong title in a surprisingly short amount of time.

“Scott Lorenz is an expert on book sales.”

Zack Finn
New York 1
24-hour news network dedicated to NYC

Zack Finn

I’ve never encountered a better PR talent than Scott Lorenz

“Making a living as an author is a full time job leaving me little time for promotion. In my twenty-seven years in the business, I’ve never encountered a better PR talent than Scott Lorenz and he brings an energy to bear that has to be seen to be believed. If he can’t get you noticed, check your pulse – you probably don’t exist.”

Mike Ball
Erma Bombeck
Award Winning Author

Scott is a great coach, analyst, and disciplinarian

“You, sir, in addition to your marketing skills, are a great coach, analyst, and disciplinarian.”

Mike Geanoulis
Amendment 17: A Blessing or a Curse?

Mike Geanoulis
Chris Cordani

I’ve known Scott Lorenz for over a dozen years after meeting him doing face-to-face pitches at the National Publicity Summit in New York City. He is one of the top publicists with whom I have had the pleasure of working. I should know; I have booked his clients on many of the shows I produce (including some which air on top stations in New York like WABC and WOR). I always look forward to hearing about his new authors.

Chris Cordani
Veteran Radio Producer
Founder, Argon Productions

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