If you’d like to further your writing career, you owe it to yourself to attend a writers’ conference. You can think of a writers’ conference as a place to meet other authors and exchange tips and techniques. Once you attend, you’ll find the price of registrations and accommodations to be well worth it.

At writers’ conferences and confabs, you can enhance your knowledge on publishing and writing. Agents, publishers, publicists, and authors may all share meaningful insight that helps you out.

You can also use a writers’ conference as an opportunity to pitch your book and network with agents, editors, and book marketing experts. If you haven’t finished your book, you can speak to key players about how to shape it.

If you do make the smart decision to attend a writers’ conference, be sure to plan for it. Develop and practice your “elevator pitch” so that you can explain your book to others in 30 seconds. It’s also a good idea to create a one-pager with your headshot, bio, the cover of your book, and a short synopsis. Don’t forget to add your social media and contact information.

Here are some upcoming writers’ conferences:


February 5-15, 2024: 2024 Sierra Writers Conference (Rocklin, CA). The 2024 Sierra Writers Conference celebrates the 21st anniversary of Sierra College Press and Standing Guard, its landmark book of stories about Japanese internment during WWII. This year’s conference draws on the spirit of the Sierra College Press, its first publication, and the talent of a diverse group of speakers who will discuss and provide instruction on stories of social justice, the environment, and the craft of writing. https://sierrawritersconference.wordpress.com/

February 7-10, 2024: AWP Conference 2024 (Kansas City, MO). The AWP Conference & Bookfair is the annual destination for writers, teachers, students, editors, and publishers of contemporary creative writing. It includes thousands of attendees, hundreds of events and bookfair exhibitors, and four days of essential literary conversation and celebration. The AWP Conference & Bookfair has always been a place of connection, reunion, and joy, and we are excited to see the writing community come together again in Kansas City, Missouri in 2024. https://www.awpwriter.org/awp_conference/

February 15–18, 2024: 20th annual San Francisco Writers Conference (San Francisco, CA). The San Francisco Writers Conference (“SFWC”) enjoys a rich literary culture. Over the course of four days, over 500 attendees and renowned keynote authors, presenters, editors, and agents, attend SFWC, combining the best of both the traditional publishing industry with the latest technology to empower authors to publish anywhere. Situated just north of Silicon Valley, the SFWC is truly a one-of-a-kind celebration of craft, commerce, and community. https://www.sfwriters.org/

February 16-18, 2024: Southern California Writers Conference (San Diego, CA). Founded and run by professional writers the SCWC provides veteran and emerging talent with authoritative guidance to help distinguish those manuscripts that are ready for market consideration, having facilitated well over $4 million worth of first-time authors’ book and screen deals. https://writersconference.com/sd/

February 20-23, 2024: 29th Annual Writers at the Symposium by the Sea (San Diego, CA). Writer’s Symposium by the Sea is an annual event to inspire readers and writers alike, featuring evocative conversations with exemplary writers from various genres, backgrounds, and perspectives. During each interview, the audience is invited to actively listen in as writers share what inspires their writing and delve into the practices that propel their success. https://www.pointloma.edu/opportunities/writers-symposium-sea

Choose a writers’ conference that piques your interest. Once you do, you’re sure to learn something new, connect with those who can take your book to new heights, and become more confident in your writing skills and abilities. For a complete up to date list visit my blog https://book-publicist.com/the-top-writers-conferences-for-2024-by-book-publicist-scott-lorenz/

Take a break from everyday life and attend a writers’ conference or two. You won’t regret it!

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