In my career as a book publicist, I speak to authors and clients just about every day. I’ve found that most of them have one shared goal: to become a New York Times bestselling author. A review by the New York Times Book Review can allow them to meet it.

The New York Times Book Review is a weekly magazine in the Sunday New York Times, which reaches over 1.5 million people. Believe it or not, a one-fifth page ad in the Book Review is $8,830 for small presses. If you’re a major publisher, you’ll pay even more.

Take a look at the 2020 rate sheet here. If your book does make it on the New York Times Book Review, a boost in sales and publicity is basically guaranteed. To find out how books are selected, check out the FOX 5 NY story by Pamela Paul, a long-time New York Times Book Review editor here.

“We love the publishing industry and we support what they do, but really we are here for readers.” Pamela Paul, Editor, NY Times Book Review

Paul revealed that the New York Times receives hundreds of books that would like to get reviewed on a daily basis. Every book that does get a peek by a staff of freelance reviewers and critics. Some books will only get their attention for a few seconds, others will read it cover to cover.

“Only 1% of all the books we receive make the cut. We’re always on the lookout for new and interesting voices. Since we view books as a form of art, we strive to recognize innovation and diversity,” Paul explains.

When she was asked if critics ever get tired of reviewing books, Paul stated that the type of people that work there are always excited to check out books. They absolutely love books and reading. Every New York Times book review goes through a fact-checking process for accuracy.

After fact-checking, copy editors write headlines and credits before the review gets published. It’s clear that the New York Times Book Review is made up of individuals who are passionate about books. They go the extra mile to ensure books are valuable for their audience.

To stay up-to-date on the latest reviews by following Pamela Paul on Twitter at: @PamelaPaulNYT
If you would like your book to be considered for the New York Times Book Review, please send it to:
The New York Times Book Review
229 W. 43rd Street
New York, New York 10036
If you are sending a children’s book, please send it to the attention of the Children’s Book Editor.

Even though securing a spot on the New York Times Book Review is difficult, it’s certainly a possibility. Just make sure your book is unique, well-written, or conveys a meaningful message

Final Recommendation: Watch the FOX-5 NY piece a few more times so you can really understand what the NY Times wants.
You can also check out the interview with C-SPAN’s Book TV and New York Times Book Review editor Pamela Paul from 2015.

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